Astoria Greengrass: Marrying

Draco, unlike Harry, Ginny and Ron, chose a different route. Draco was not the Hogwarts girl Pansy Parkinson he married, but Astoria Greengrass. J.K. Rowling confirmed to readers that Astoria met Daphne Greengrass, Astoria’s older sister, in Order of the Phoenix during Hermione’s O.W.L.S. Pansy Parkinson had Daphne as part of her posse Slytherin girls.

Astoria developed tolerance beliefs in spite of her traditional upbringing that was dominated by pure-blood ideals. Although not as extreme as Draco, Astoria greengrass and Draco’s journey from pure-blood snootiness and dallas craigslist tolerance was an important bond and understanding that formed the foundation of their marriage.

Astoria Greengrass Keeps Sacred Twenty-Eight Status

The Sacred Twenty-Eight was a group consisting of twenty-eight families that were pure-blood. The majority of the members of the magical community cyberpunk fashion knew they would all die if there were no Muggles in their lives and so continued to marry from the same small group. For those who valued only pure-blood linesages, such as Voldemort or most of the Sacred Twenty-Eight families, belonging to this exclusive group was a significant honor.

Draco and Astoria married Astoria Greengrass. The Malfoys remained a part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight because the Greengrass family was also one of the remaining members. Astoria and Draco became more tolerant after the Second Wizarding War so the association with the Sacred Twenty-Eight was not a significant part of their lives. It was a remnant from the people they were, not the people that they had become.

Stand Up For His Parents

Draco was a child who wanted to please his parents. Draco’s attitudes, such as his disdain for the Weasleys or Muggles, and his actions like trying to take Albus Dumbledore’s life were always influenced by his desire Kalki Fashion to please Lucius and Narcissa. It’s no surprise that Draco finally stood up for his parents.

Pansy Parkinson Ends his Relationship

Draco and Pansy were romantically involved throughout their time at Hogwarts. Although it isn’t stated explicitly, it is safe to say that Draco ended their relationship with Pansy. Draco married Astoria Greengrass. Astoria was a kind, open-minded and courageous woman, while Pansy was a bully and a lot of her time at Hogwarts.

Pansy was a great fit for the young Draco at Hogwarts. Astoria was perfect for the mature Draco after Deathly Hallows. Astoria was his wife and he was a faithful and loving husband. He would have cut all romantic ties to Pansy.

Astoria Greengrass Taking Care

An ancestor of Astoria Greengrass, who was cursed with a blood curse many years ago, was not even born. The curse was not reactivated in Astoria after it had been dormant for several generations. Due to the curse, her body was extremely fragile and her health declined further after she gave birth to Scorpius.