These beautiful “Brighton Watches” are available

These beautiful Brighton Watches are available to Adrian’s Boutique customers. Our matching watches for the Brighton collection are artistic and timely. They feature Japanese movement, which is among the best in the world.


Brighton Watches top features a Japanese Movement, which is widely considered to be the most reliable and accurate fashion watch movement.


Brighton is so confident about the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used in making their watches, they offer one of the best warranties in the business! The warranty includes five years for the watch movement and one year for other components. This is a difference that many companies do not offer. Brighton Watch Tower


Brighton watches are made with the same high-quality materials as Brighton jewelry and accessories. They have been handcrafted with great attention to detail. Swarovski crystals and fine Italian leather. They are water-resistant, so you don’t have to take them off for hand washing or when it rains. However, they are not intended to be used for swimming or dishwashing.


Brighton watches are unique. For a coordinated look, they are made to complement Brighton’s accessories and jewelry collections. They combine the latest trends with the classic style they are well-known for.


Brighton’s timepieces are priced between $75 and $135, which is well below the general price ranges of their competitors (150 to $500). Their watches are beautiful fishes and offer a great deal of value. Brighton also offers repair services and easy ordering of replacement parts for many watches styles, including leather bands, crystals, and batteries.

Adrian’s offers a wide selection of Brighton watches to choose from. Call us or stop by to see our selection. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect match for you.

Brighton Watches Crystal Replacement Service

Do you have a broken or scratched crystal on your Brighton watch that needs to be replaced? You don’t have to worry about it – any watch style can be replaced by a qualified watch technician for a fair price.

Why it’s important to fix

Brighton watches are very rare and can be extremely valuable. It’s crucial to replace a Brighton watch face that has cracked in order to preserve the watch’s value and lifetime. The watch’s crystal protects its movement and arms from damage from bumping. You should also keep your watch clean from dirt and moisture.

Quick Jewelry Repair is a highly recommended watch repair shop if you need a watchmaker to replace your broken crystal. They are extremely friendly and easy to deal with, do top-quality work and have great prices.

What is the cost to replace a Brighton Watches crystal?

A watch crystal replacement for a Brighton watch for men or women typically costs about $50.

Online Replacement Options for Brighton Watches

The watch repair industry has evolved over the last few years. It is no longer necessary to search for a watch repair service in your area and hope they have the skills and parts to replace your broken watch glass.

Online Replacement vs. Local Shop Repair

It’s great to have a local watch repair professional who is fair and does excellent work. However, many people prefer to repair their harley davidson watches online.

You can get cheaper options

Although it is possible to replace your Brighton watchglass for a lower price than the ones listed above, you should still ensure that the workmanship and quality are high. Before you save a few bucks, ensure that the replacement crystal is of high quality.

Low-cost parts are often the best way to save money on watch repair costs. You don’t want to use a lower quality option for repairing your watch crystal.

Benefits of Mail In / Online Watch Services

These central workshops are able to handle larger volumes of watch repairs. This is advantageous because they often have more experience and more parts, which can often handle enough volume to allow them to invest in better equipment.

You don’t have to drive around the mall or wait in line for your watch to be returned. Online repair is easy. Simply print a form and mail it in.

Is it possible to replace the crystal on a Brighton Watches?

Is there a scratch on your Chronograph or Brighton glass? Perhaps it’s cracked or chipped. This is a very common type of damage to watches.

Watch crystals are a delicate part of the watch. They are easily damaged by bumping into doors frames, knocking on things, and other everyday activities.

The best news is that almost every Brighton watch’s crystal can be replaced by an expert who has the right tools and parts. Popular Styles for Brighton Watches Glass Repair

How do you replace a Brighton watch crystal?

Although it sounds simple in theory, the process of changing out a watch’s glass requires precision and experience.

The first step for most watches is to carefully remove the broken watch glass. If the glass has cracked, this may include removing small pieces of glass from the inside of the watch. This will likely involve removing the back of the watch and the movement/face to allow for complete access to the watch’s working mechanisms and protection. The second step is to completely remove the crown, where the glass attaches.

A third step is to ensure that the new crystal is properly sized. This includes the size and shape of the new crystal, as well as its thickness. It is Brighton Watches necessary to match the original factory specifications.

What is the cost of new glass for a Brighton watch?

Glass prices vary depending on many factors. This won’t be an issue unless you are replacing the glass yourself (NOT recommended). Most watchmakers don’t charge separately for changing the glass. The total price will include the cost of the watchglass.

Thickness of Watch Glass: Many paul rich watches have different thicknesses. The more expensive they are, the thicker they will be.

Width of Watch Glass: A watch with a diameter of 50mm may be more expensive than a smaller watch for women with a 25mm face.

Material: There are three types of watch glasses that are most commonly used, Sapphire Crystal, Mineral and Acrylic. Sapphire crystal is considered the most expensive of all the materials. However, it is an excellent material.

Shape or Special Features: Watches may have unique shapes and require special glasses (such as some women’s watches with hexagonal faces). Or, you might have a Rolex with a pearl bubble to magnify the date.