The Surprisingly Complex Sock

A Fact-Packed Guide

Is it worth spending a lot on socks? What can you do to fix a sock gap? Are garters still worn by men? These and other questions are Surprisingly Complex Sock answered by humble hosiery.

1. Who is the inventor of the sock

Most likely cavemen. Steven Frumkin is the Dean of the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “The caveman was smart enough know that you could wrap an animal skin around your feet and it would keep you warm,” he said. “Otzi, the Iceman,” a Copper-Age hunter who had been preserved in the Otzal Alpines for approximately 5,000 years, was Surprisingly Complex Sock found alongside socks made from hay and shoes that looked like cages. Egypt was discovered in the 1800s with a collection of stitched socks that had cartoonishly long and bifurcated toes. These socks are believed to have been made between the 3rd and 5th centuries, and they were the precursors of the socks we wear today.

2. What was a “sock hop” and why were so many people so excited about them in 1950s America?

Midcentury teenyboppers loved to go to socks hops. In the midst of early rock ‘n roll, chaperoned mixers were popular. They became a huge craze in the late ’40s/early ’50s. These dances were held at school gyms or auditoriums. They got their name from the adults who made sure that the students weren’t grooving on the wood floors.

3. Who are the key sock trend-setters in the modern era?

Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Prime Minister is rarely seen without a pair of unremarkable feet. His summit-stealing designs range from bright stripes or argyle, patriotic maple leaves and even a Chewbacca design.

Tom Wolfe: This famously handsome author died last year. He was not only known for his elegant white suits, but he was also a skilled sock man, choosing blue-and-white stripes or polka dots, as well as a piano-key pattern.

Joel in “Risky Business”: While Bob Seger dances to Joel in a candy-stripe shirt, his skivvies and a white shirt, Tom Cruise (Joel) double-footedly Surprisingly Complex Sock makes white socks rock ‘n roll in this 1983 film.

Prince George: The potential future King of England–shown here as a toddler–has made knee-socks-and-shorts ensembles an adorably retro signature.

Tyler, the Creator: Tyler, the creator boasted in the 2013 song “Woah” that he had made quarter-millions selling socks under his streetwear brand Golf Wang.

4. Are high-end socks worth the Surprisingly Complex Sock price?

Yes, but don’t be too crazy. Jim Parker, New York’s buyer at the Armoury, recommends midrange $30 wool dress socks. The socks you find in drugstores are often made from questionable synthetics. This results in sweaty, bulky socks. To keep them in place, Mr Parker recommends that you use socks made from 80% wool, cashmere or cotton and 20% nylon.

5. Why are Complex Sock not sized as shoes?

Some are. Look out for brands such as Kane 11. The fit is slightly tighter, so I will emphasize the slight. Mr. Parker said that it’s a luxury, but you are only getting small gains. He argued that stretchiness overrides a lack in exactness. “Small, medium and large sizes are fine…it doesn’t matter that much.” Socks, $13 – $22.

6. Do I need to wear socks when I sleep?

Yes. Yes. Socks promote thermoregulation, which is the ability to maintain a body temperature of 98.6 degrees. It also increases blood flow, which Surprisingly Complex Sock can contribute to quality Zs.

7. It’s so embarrassing! My sock has a hole. What can I do to fix it?

You darn it! Christian Santorelli is a partner at Jerri’s Cleaners in New York. He hasn’t seen anyone bring in their socks for repair in years but he recalled watching his grandparents patch up worn-out heels and toes. You will need an old-fashioned tool called a darning eggs (if you don’t have one), thread, and a dull darning stitch.

8. What Complex Sock should I wear with what shoes? This is easy to forget.

This is not a common source of male anxiety, Sir. Matt Fox, the owner of Fine and Dandy in New York, says there are no rules regarding sock-shoe coordination. “Do whatever you want!” he suggested. Here are some ways to achieve a higher style for your lower extremities.

9. Are socks garters ever fashionable?

It all depends on who you ask. Fine and Dandy’s Mr. Fox has over 15 types of the old-fashioned socks-keeping devices and sells many pairs per week. He sheepishly acknowledged that he does have customers who purchase them for fetish purposes. However, they are not for everyone. Mr. Parker of Armoury is adamantly against the garter. He said, “If you’re together and things are going well, sock garters can be a great way to kill the mood.” He also laughed, saying that “old man” associations are attached to the finicky suspenders.

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Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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  • CUSTOM ADJUSTABLE STRAP – Secured with a strong fastener strap, the night sock’s tension is easily adjustable to create the perfect amount of stretch for every individual. The regular size fots those with a calf circumference of 16″ and below. The large fots calves 16″ – 21″
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  • CUSTOM ADJUSTABLE STRAP – Secured with a strong fastener strap, the night sock’s tension is easily adjustable to create the perfect amount of stretch for every individual.