Elijah Spader

Elijah Spader, the son of American actor and producer James Spander, is well-known. Elijah can also be seen performing his roles as actor, writer, and singer. Elijah worked on many movies and series during his career, including “Nailed It”, Rolling for Initiative”, and “The Maskman”.

Who are elijah spader parents?

Elijah Spader was the son of James Spader and Victoria Spader. He was born on 8th November 1992. He was only 12 years old when his parents divorced. Sebastian Spader is his brother.

His paternal grandparents were Jean Fraser Spader and Stoddard Greenwood Spader, while his maternal grandmother was Lee Kheel (an actress). He is now 29 years old. His zodiac sign, Scorpio, is his birth sign. His maternal grandmother is Lee Kheel, an actress. His family provides all his needs and wants so it is clear that he has had an unforgettable childhood.

Elijah is American and his ethnic background is not known. His father belonged to the mixed ethnicity English, Scottish and French.


Although Elijah Spader appears to be well-educated, he did not mention where he graduated or what his academic qualifications were. He wants his private life to remain private after becoming the celebrity’s child.

How Elijah began his career?

Elijah Spader appeared as Aaron in “Roll for Initiative”, a short video released in 2014. He was also seen in 2015 writing the TV series “Nailed It”.

Elijah worked also in the sound department for the movie “The Marksman”, 2021, where the cast members were Liam Neeson, Katheryn Windnick, and many more. From 2020 to 2021, Elijah was working in the sound department for the TV series “The Blacklist.”

Spader is someone you are in a relationship?

In 2016, Elijah Spader was involved in a relationship to Hilary Powell. They were also seen sharing their photos on social media. They look great together, but they ended their relationship due to some issues.

He began living with Samantha Ladenheim after he split with Hilary. Both look happy and can be seen sharing travel photos together, as they both love to travel around the world.

Social Media

Elijah Spader is an active Instagram user with the tag “@elijahspader” where he has 1215 fans and sharp posted 206 photos. He posts lots of videos and photos with his family and friends, which he seems to enjoy.

What is Spader’s Net Worth?

Elijah Spader, a talented, attractive man with a lot of talent, is well-known for his many works. Elijah Spader, a 29-year-old actor and producer from the United States, has an estimated net worth $150,000. He is well-known as the son of an American actor.