From Miami to Miami Beach – Experience a full day tour to the best beaches Miami has to offer with Twelve Transfers

If you ever happen to visit Miami you just have to see the superb lineup of beaches. If you travel by car, it is less than 25 minutes from Miami International Airport to Miami Beach for a distance that is less than 15 miles.

We highly recommend doing a full day tour for the best 10 Miami beaches and then spend the following days visiting your top #3 preferred ones. Most probably your options will change based on your criteria like travelling with family, romantic couple relation photography, with a group of friends or maybe you’re feeling fancy and you would like something more “luxurious” like Sunny Isles Beach.

There are thousands of tourists each year that visit Miami just to get to experience the beaches and nightlife associated with them and some of them prefer to take a local driver with a private car transfer to get the best tips & tricks, local know-how and fresh recommendations from someone that gets to see them regularly.

When arriving in Miami by air or by cruise ship, if you want to take some time to visit the beaches we highly recommend considering a private car transfer with a local chauffeur that knows a thing or two about them. Don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time review-ing them online because everyone looks at them from their level of perception and context. Ask your driver to take you to the top 3 or 5 preferred beaches with the best route possible and start asking him some questions related to the nightlife, what kind of tourist actually asked him to take them there, what did they enjoy, what were they looking for in the first place, were they young, seniors, with families, etc.

There are multiple benefits of actually having a private car transfer pre booked, for example:

  • Zero waiting times in comparison with the public transportation
  • Luxurious and comfortable rides that will allow you to focus on the views and loved ones rather than actively looking after your bags and such.
  • Fast switching between 2-3 locations (if you plan to visit some beaches, for example) if for any reason you might want to try something else.
  • Having a local driver helps a lot for you because you will save considerable time from your own research time. A local driver will surely have a different perspective based on his direct knowledge and past historical information from other tourists that have requested him the same beaches, etc.
  • You can have intermediate stops to visit other attractions that might be near or en route to your preferred beach.
  • Arrive relaxed and with peace of mind that you won’t have to focus on the next connection or the timing for the public transportation with tickets, and queues, etc.

Want to explore the Miami Beach in style? Ask the Twelve Transfers team & relax.