Guide to the Best Hairdressing Scissors

Every hairdresser must have the right scissors to create beautiful cuts. Japan Scissors works directly with shear and scissor manufacturers to get your warehouse prices. Our warehouses are located in Australia (Sydney, Perth), USA (LA), Canada(Toronto), Japan (Saitama, Nara), with weekly shipping from Tokyo to Australia.

You will most likely be an experienced hairdresser and have good knowledge about how to choose the right scissors for your hair. You might not be familiar with the basics of hairdressing if you are new to it.

If you are looking for the best pair of scissors to cut your hair, think about what kind of cutting style you use most often. This will help you choose the right type of scissors for your cutting style. Are you going to be using a lot of layers or soft edges? Are you more inclined to use blunt styles?

Next, choose the best size for you. For cutting hair, smaller scissors (between 4.5” & 5.5′) are more precise. For techniques like using the scissors over the comb technique or more basic trims, longer scissors (6”) and higher are better.

When choosing the right scissors, keep this in mind. Measure the length of the blade with your middle finger, and then measure the length of each side of the scissors using your palm. The majority of scissors can be used to make a variety of cuts, ranging from 4.5″ up to 8.

The shape of the scissors…
A pair of scissors that feels good in your hand should be easy to use, minimizing hand fatigue. There are three types of scissor shapes.

The shapes of the upper blade and lower blade, also known as straight scissors are the same. The rings align exactly with the one at the top.


The offset scissors feature an angled handle and a shorter handle shank. These are more comfortable for many people who prefer to hold the scissors with one finger.

What type of cut do you want to make?
You can use the scissors you have invested in many different ways to make different cuts.


The micro-serrated or serrated scissors are perfect for beginners. They have one blade with serrations that grip the hair to create straight cuts. However, they can’t be used for cutting or slice cutting. Convex edge scissors have the most precise and smoothest cutting blades. They are great for cutting in and chopping.

How often do your scissors require sharpening?
It is important to keep your scissors clean. If shears get dull, they can damage hair rather than cutting it. This could lead to an uneven cut, which can be very damaging to your reputation.

The frequency you have to sharpen your scissors will depend on how often they are used, how frequently you care for them, and the type of blade you use. All scissors should be sharpened at least once a year. However, it is important to be aware of who sharpens them. Convex blades can only be sharpened with specialist equipment and training.