How to make your hips look wider: Style tips to highlight your curves

The iconic shape of an hourglass is a favorite and most desired body type for women. This shape is making waves in pop culture and we believe it will continue to be popular. Women all over the world are showing their curves thanks to some famous women who show off their large hips with pride. Maybe you relate to their figure, or perhaps yours is more straight. You can create instant curve appeal using your wardrobe. We can help you highlight any body part you don’t have. We’ll be sharing our top styling tips and tricks with you as we explain how to make your hips appear wider (naturally).

These are the Best Jeans for Highlighting Your Hips

A pair of great-fitting jeans is a wardrobe staple for women. Denim is a great option for any occasion. There are many styling options for jeans, whether they are part of your casual business dress code or used only for weekend errands. It might be surprising to you to know that denim can enhance your best features. This closet staple can make your hips appear larger. The fit, fabric, and design details of your favorite jeans are all important. We’ll show you the components that can help define your body to give the illusion of wider hips.

The more you look, the better it is to accentuate your hourglass figure

It’s all about the slim fit when it comes to jeans that make your hips appear wider. We’re sure of it. Your skinnies are now in the dustbin of history, and you’re ready to put them behind your back for a straight-leg counterpart. Although a looser fit is more comfortable, it will not have the same effect on your hips as a slimmer profile. You may be asking why? It all comes down to proportions. A tighter fit will automatically draw attention to your hips. The tapered leg makes the pants appear wider than the ankle opening due to its narrower shape.

Details in Fabric and Design that Will Make Your Hips Look Larger

When making your hips appear wider, you should consider the fabric content. Jeans with a touch of stretch are best. For maximum stretch and to hug your body, we recommend at least 2% spandex. Pocket placement is another important design element to be aware of. This is a subtle trick that can make a big difference. The pockets should be smaller and higher up on the backside. This creates a curvier hip area and lower bottom. A button-fly exposed will draw attention to the hips. Another benefit is that buttons offer a bit more flexibility than traditional zipper fly. This allows the material to form to your curves.

How to make your hips look wider with high-rise jeans

What about the rise of your jeans. Is that a feature that can make your hips appear wider? It is, in short. The rise is the distance between the crotch seam and the top of your waistband. This can be anywhere between 7 and 12 inches. It’s not easy to keep up with high, low and mid-rise bottoms.

The Tops That Make Your Hips Look Bigger

Now that you have your high-rise skinny jeans, it is time to complete the ensemble. Are you curious about how tops and layers can make your hips appear wider? Let’s take a look at it. Crop tops are a great piece to wear with jeans if you feel particularly daring. You may be wondering why? You will notice a narrower part of your torso because the shorter length will reach above your waistline. A peplum top is a classic choice if you want something with more length. This style, which is vintage inspired, sees a revival almost every year. You’ll always need one. This style is a waist-length gathered or pleated look that will enhance your hips. You can get hip-enhancing volume built right in where you need it.

How to make your hips look wider in a dress or skirt

Denim might seem like the obvious choice to make your hips appear wider. But it’s not. The same proportion rules that you have learned about denim can be applied to nearly all clothing items. A skirt or dress is the best choice for chic style. Your favorite fit will contour your body perfectly and highlight your hips. Make sure to add dreamy details, fun patterns, and slim silhouettes to your shopping list.