Menhera Fashion: A Look

Here is a look at the situation back then.

Holysen, who is menhera fashion involved in research activities in the area of mental health circles and categorizes the issues with the bracelet into the four following:

1 It is disrespectful for those who suffer from self-harm, and those who have overcome it.

2 The bracelet was trendy and treated self-harm as a fashionable accessory

3 You will be embarrassed to have to explain it to others

4 It’s just disgusting

The sentence “mental illness is now” summarizes point 2. It is also the most important. Menhera Fashion has had a problem with “just” being a fashion label. This implies that mental illness is as easy to wear as clothing. It can be concluded that this would lead to Menhera Fashion losing its original purpose and opening up the door for people with doubtable ideals.

It doesn’t matter what, it has been a little fashion fix over 3 years since the incident. But, how about the current situation? It is my observation that the Menhera Fashion subculture, and the Yamikawaii aesthetic are at least partially seperated fashion cycle.

Considering that Yamikawaii was born under Menhera’s influence, it is not surprising that they have split. It’s worth noting that the “wrist-cut wrist bracelet” incident didn’t cause any disturbances within the Kawaii Culture. Nor did it touch the fact its followers allowed the commercialization and sale of self-harm as an accessory.

The Menhera Fashion Directions of Imagination

In the previous parts, we saw how Kawaii Culture reduced Menhera to external aspects and diluted the association with internal struggle. This can be explained by Yamikawai’s focus on external aspects during his development in Kawaii Culture. The wrist-cut bracelet’s problems didn’t matter because it didn’t care about Menhera Fashion’s mental health.

You will be able to see how self-harm is depicted in Menhera Fashion. It is vent art that depicts the individual’s inner struggles.

What kind of trauma occurred, and what mental illness was responsible? It is possible to make fun of self-harm by saying things like “You are making fun”

Kawaii Culture spreading the external aspects can be attributed both to its preferred use of Instagram and the purpose of product commercialization. However, I don’t have more details.

  • But “kawaii”, which is also a feeling can be used to express oneself.
  • This also means that neither side engages in conversation with the other.
  • Because there is a big difference in witchy fashion what is “Menhera” and when it should be used.
  • This is why there are two types: The one depicts the inner struggles and the other the external aspects.