Men’s Golf Wear

This Guide Will Help You Match Your Style To Your Stroke

Imagine this: It’s a gorgeous spring day with no clouds in sight. This is only one thing. The golf season is full swing. A round of golf at your local course is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. All you need to play well is a bag, balls, tees, and clubs. You may not know that the right attire can make all the difference. We’ll ensure your men’s golf attire meets the standards, no matter if you’re a pro or just starting out.

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Histories of men’s golf attire

Golf is the most stately and historic sport. The golfers are elegant, dapper and graceful. It’s the gentleman’s game, with a rich history of fashion and tradition that spans five centuries. Where did it all start? Let’s go back in time. In the 15th century, golf was born on the Scottish damp moors. Early golf attire was influenced by the cold Scottish climate. To keep the cold out, heavy tweed was used as the base material for most golf outfits. Original golf uniforms included caps, jackets, and knickerbockers. They were complete with sturdy shoes and starched collars. Golf fashion has advanced a lot since those first swings in Scotland.

How to decode the Golf Club Dress Code

You’ll find that almost every course has a preferred attire for men. You don’t need to be intimidated by the dress code. It’s a good idea to research before you go if you are a beginner or if you’re going to a new club. You might find some places have more strict dress codes than others. It’s smart to research before you go. Ask the clubhouse about their preferred attire. If in doubt, go for more professional than casual. An excellent pair of chinos, a well-fitting polo shirt and a great pair of chinos are essential golf wardrobe items. Match your belt with your shoes and you will look great on any course. Avoid jeans, baggy clothing, and collarless shirts.

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Casual golf attire for men

Good news for beginners to golf. At many modern clubs and driving ranges, casual golf attire for men is acceptable. Comfort is the key to ensuring you are at the top of your game. As long as the shorts aren’t too long or too short, they’re a good option. Comfort and movement are best when the club is just above the knee. A mock neck or blade collar shirt made from breathable knit fabric is a great option for a relaxed golf environment. Even if you choose a more casual shirt, always tie it in.

Essentials for Head to Toe Golfwear

Golf attire for men is often a sea of patterns, pleats and argyle socks. Golf is a sport that allows players to express themselves like few others. To play at your best and be comfortable on the greens, you’ll need the proper gear. You might be wondering what the appropriate attire is for golf. This is the place for you. So you can stay in line with spring 2022 trends, we’re going to break down what to wear when golfing.

Golf attire for men: Sunglasses and hats

Let’s start at the teeing. Golf is likely to be a long day spent in the sun. A painful sunburn can ruin the excitement of a day on the golf course. Be prepared. You should always have a good quality sunscreen in your bag. But, for added protection, you can also get sunglasses. Polarized glasses are the best choice because they block light glare from directly hitting your eyes. This helps you keep your eyes focused on the sun so that you don’t lose sight of the ball when swinging.

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Men’s golf attire: Shirts

A classic polo shirt is the best way to say I’m ready for a round. These shirts are sporty and sophisticated, but they have been the standard in golf attire for men. Ever wonder why polos are so popular among golfers? They are a combination of style and functionality. Polo shirts are lightweight and breathable, and they provide mobility for driving the ball off of the tee. It’s a good idea to have several if you are a keen golfer. Ralph Lauren’s timeless golf polos combine elegance and functionality. The relaxed fit and stretchy jersey fabric provide UPF protection and sweat-wicking. Do you spend Sundays on the back nine? Red shirt Sundays are a great idea. Take a cue from Tiger Woods. Maybe this power color will give you the boost that you need to turn bogey into birdie. Tiger, get out there and take them.