Outfit Ideas for Midi Skirts

Midi skirts fall somewhere between mini and maxi lengths. They are stylish and versatile pieces that can be worn by all body types. You can style a midi-skirt with either classic outfits or the most recent fashion trends.

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What is a Midi Skirt and How Does It Work?

A midi skirt is a skirt that has a hemline below the knee and falls to the mid-calf. You can find midi skirts in a variety of fabrics including silk, chiffon and cotton. The long, calf-length skirts are cinching at the waist and enhance your lower body.

How to Style Midi Skirts: 5 Ideas for Midi Skirt Outfits

These styling tips will help you wear midi skirts to suit different seasons and occasions.

  1. For business casual: A fitted midi dress is a good choice. For a classic look, pair pencil skirts with a button-down and boots for a form fitting midi skirt. To highlight your waist, tie your long-sleeve shirt in a stylish knot. You can finish the look by adding a blazer or a turtleneck for colder weather.
  2. Formal: Some midi skirts are suitable for formal events, depending on the material. You can wear a midi skirt with a pleated or A-line design in silk, satin or chiffon to formal events such as weddings or holiday parties.
  3. Semi-formal: Wear midi skirts to social events such as a date night or cocktail party. The black fitted midi skirt can be dressed up with sparkly accessories, or paired with a leather jacket and leopard print top for a more sophisticated look.
  4. Summer casual: A midi skirt with a flowing silhouette can keep you cool in the summer heat, without showing as much leg as a mini. Pair a skirt made of lightweight materials like linen, cotton, or even chiffon with a crop top or tank top, and flat sandals. A lightweight summer midi skirt can be styled with a loose T shirt and white sneakers. To add an extra layer to your casual look, you can tuck your graphic shirt into your skirt and wear a denim jacket.
  5. Winter casual: A knitted or denim skirt can be styled with a bodysuit, tights and a pair of ankle boots such as Chelsea boots or combat boots to create a casual winter look. A belt can be added to define your waist.

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Tips on how to style oversized shirts

Oversized shirts can be worn to create many looks, including classics and the most recent fashion trends. These styling tips will show you how to style oversized shirts.

What are Oversized Shirts?

Oversized shirts, which are loose-fitting shirts that are below the waistline and add volume, are baggy shirts. These wardrobe staples can be found in many styles, including a classic button-down or an oversized shirt.

Three Tips to Style Oversized Shirts

It is important to choose the right fit for an oversized shirt.

Look for pieces that are detailed. An oversized shirt can easily engulf your body with extra fabric. You can avoid your oversized shirt becoming overwhelming by choosing pieces that have detail. A pattern, pops of color or unique stitching give an oversized shirt a focal point, drawing attention to its design and not the excess fabric.

Take into account the occasion. For a casual, relaxed look, choose a loose-fitting T-shirt. However, if you are looking for something more business-casual, a button-up shirt is a good choice.

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Daytime Oversized Shirt Dresses

These outfit ideas will help you create casual daytime looks.

Create an athleisure look. An oversized graphic t-shirt can be paired with a sweatshirt and fitted bike shorts. This athleisure look is a great option for those who want to exercise or lounge at home.

French tuck shorts into a shirt. For a casual look, pair an oversized shirt and wide-leg trousers or cut-off jeans shorts. To create a relaxed French tuck look, half-tuck your oversized shirt. Finish the look with white sneakers or strappy sandals.

Wear with heels and dress pants. For a casual business look, wear an oversized button-down shirt and dress pants with heels or loafers. To complete the look, add a blazer.

Three Evening Looks for Oversized Shirts

These are three ideas for oversized shirt outfits for night out:

  • Wear it as a mini-dress. An oversized button-down can be worn as a shirtdress. You can finish the look by adding wedges or ankle boots to your outfit. For a summer look, wear an oversized T-shirt and a black leather jacket with heels.
  • Tuck into a midi skirt. To enhance your silhouette, pair a midi skirt that is form fitting with a large button-down shirt. This outfit highlights your lower body by pairing a loose shirt with it. A sequined skirt can be worn with a plain button-down shirt for a glamorous look. You can also pair it with a bright skirt.

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  • Your shirt can be worn as a jacket. You can create a casual evening look by wearing an oversized button-down shirt over a jacket. For warm weather, leave the shirt unbuttoned. Roll up the sleeves to create a lightweight jacket. A leather mini skirt with black lace crop top and a white button-down shirt make a stylish outfit for a date night.