New Year’s Resolution To Make in 2024

“Resolutions are meant to be broken each year; at New Year celebrations we make many resolutions which we often end up breaking at some point, so why not make promises instead? Promises can actually help achieve lasting change.”

Here is a list of life-altering affirmations that can help change your life for the better. But these should not be taken as suggestions – take what resonates most within you for maximum effectiveness in your own situation.

Promise to embrace nature

Make a promise to yourself to get outside more often and explore nature – kiss the rising Sun and feel its cool breeze all through the evening, enjoying its light into nightfall. Experience raindrops kissing earth during rainstorms; walk on dawn dews. Connect with Mother Earth and feel her loving embrace – that way, Mother Nature won’t ever turn you down again.

Promise to breathe deeply, and in rhythm

Allow yourself the fundamental right of taking deep, full breaths of air with happiness, joy, and stillness. Breathing deeply is one of the best ways to ease tension and relax your muscles.

Promise to eat Vitamins

Make an agreement with yourself to consume only nutritious and healthful food sources. As opposed to synthetic supplements, prefer organic whole foods as supplements cannot replace their quality and nutritional benefits. Supplements should only be taken on medical advice from a physician.

Promise to eat to live

Food is essential to life; however, eating without regard for its purpose should never be done without thinking or intention. Consume your meals mindfully to ensure you receive optimal nourishment from each bite you ingest and are able to digest what is consumed properly.

Make a commitment to drinking plenty of water – staying hydrated is vital, so take regular sips. Overconsuming or underdrinking may be harmful; so pay attention to what your body needs by drinking enough fluids.

Promise to relax

There may be times when we find ourselves with nothing to do, and taking some me-time is never a bad thing; sometimes taking an hour for yourself to unwind and relax is necessary to allowing your mind time to recharge itself.

Promise to slow down

Once in awhile, step away from the hectic rat race between others and yourself and take a breather – whatever that moment may bring, good or bad, they all possess beauty in their own unique ways.

Promise to exercise

While eating and working are necessary components of healthy living, exercise must also be part of your regimen. Engage in any form of physical activity you enjoy whether that be walking, jogging, dancing or other; just keep moving! Keep moving so your body keeps working effectively.

Promise to connect

Maintaining contact with family is absolutely essential – they need you, and vice versa.

Create a promise to yourself to smile each time you look in the mirror. Make an attempt to smile when looking into your own eyes.

Promise to smile with your eyes

Smiles can be powerful medicine during times of hardship; but not if they are only ever fake. When moving forward with something, put on that fake smile but remember to smile with both lips and eyes!

Promise to speak up

Its Commit to being open and honest when making your voice known. Making yourself heard doesn’t require violence!