Here are some tips about laser hair removal

It is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. You want your skin smooth and silky. Although waxing and shaving can work, they are temporary. Laser hair removal is a long-term and painless solution for stubborn hairs.

Millions of people are now choosing laser hair removal as a treatment. Laser hair removal works by using concentrated laser energy that is absorbed into the skin’s melanin. The light energy converted into heat energy will cause the hair follicles to be destroyed. This will prevent or delay hair growth. Laser Club is a specialist in hair removal. We have clinics in Manchester, Leeds and London. We offer a variety of skin and beauty treatments, including laser hair removal, teeth whitening, Mesotherapy and laser tattoo removal.

These are some essential tips for anyone who is new to laser hair removal.

Before you start the treatment, shave.

It is possible that you might consider doing your part by waxing or plucking your body on the day of your treatment. This is a huge no-no. If you plan to have laser hair removal, it is a bad idea to try to trim or wax your hair. You can use a razor to treat the areas you wish.

For the best results, you should attend multiple sessions

Every hair is unique and has different granules. Laser hair removal works best for darker skin tones and darker hairs. Laser hair removal will only destroy about 80% of hair follicles. This is especially true if your skin is lighter. It takes several sessions to get this result. You should do multiple sessions if you desire smooth, silky, and hairless skin over a prolonged period of time.

Apply no products to your skin

You should wash your face and body with lotions before you consider laser hair removal. Some ingredients in skin care products can react with the laser beam, causing pigmentation, irritation, and worse, skin blisters.

Learn more about post-treatment irritation

Before you undergo laser hair removal, it is a good idea to learn as much as possible about the side effects and benefits. There may be some discomfort after the treatment such as swelling or irritation. These symptoms are normal and will subside in a few days. Apply a warm or cold compress to the affected area. Ask your doctor for advice on treating skin irritations and swelling.

Avoid sun exposure

The hairs on our skin serve a purpose, despite being annoying. It protects our skin from direct sunlight. Your skin is exposed to the harmful rays from the sun because the hairs are removed. Your doctor may recommend that you use sunscreen whenever you are outside, or to avoid direct sun exposure if you can.

Stop waxing and plucking

Laser hair removal targets the root of the hair. It is important that you do not pluck or wax the area before your first appointment. It is acceptable to shave, but it will not remove the root. It is actually a good idea to shave the area that lasers are going to be targeting before your appointment. You will have your laser appointments scheduled at intervals of eight to ten weeks so that you can continue waxing and plucking. It’s not recommended. You will need to stop six week before your next appointment.

Make sure you are taking the right medications

When you talk to your laser specialist, it is important that you tell them about all medications you are taking. Laser treatments can be affected by certain medications, which could make them less effective. Some medications can make your skin more sensitive, making it more susceptible to blistering or burning. Your laser technician should know if you are taking any antibiotics, birth control, photosensitizing medication, or other medications. Your medication will not be stopped, but your laser technician can adjust your treatment to suit your needs. You should also let your laser professional know if you are taking any new medications before your next appointment.