Types of Table Covers You Should Know

Table covers are helpful in various settings. Usually, you will make your selection based on the specific location and the needs you have. Also, you must consider the size and shape of your tables for the best choice. Table lines will help you convey the level of service and the theme of your occasion and protect the table tops as well. Continue scrolling to discover the various types of table covers you should know.

Generally, there are two types of table covers: reusable and disposable.

Reusable Table Covers

These include table covers that can be reused for various events. Compared to disposable covers, these covers offer multiple benefits, including reduced long-term costs and wastage. Also, you will always be guaranteed that you have table covers at hand after purchasing them. Often, reusable table covers are made from materials that depict increased quality and service.

  • Spandex Table Covers

Typically, spandex table covers stretch to fit a particular table size snugly. As a result, they eliminate wrinkles and any need for ironing, saving time as well. Most spandex covers will include reinforced sewn-in plastic feet, which allows the surface to maintain a solid position. Spandex table covers are available in bright, eye-capturing colours, making them ideal for weddings and birthday celebrations. Additionally, these covers are perfect for casino nights, trade shows, receptions and catered events. Check here for spandex tablecloths that stand out.

  • Cloth Table Covers

Cloth table covers contain an elevated level of cotton content, making them more absorbent, softer and natural looking. Also, these covers absorb background noise while conveying increased service.

If you want a more sanitary table top for your occasion, cloth table covers are a perfect option. One benefit you will enjoy from cloth table covers is better absorption of spills. Also, their increased polyester content boosts their resistance to shrinking, wrinkling, pilling and staining.

  • Table Skirting

Usually, table skirting includes polyester blends that add in stain and wrinkle resistance. Therefore, this makes it easy to maintain their professional look. Table skirting is ideal for portraying elegant displays at event venues, buffets and banquet halls. The many advantages you will enjoy from table skirting include flame resistance and easy removal and installation, thus saving time. Also, their flame resistance makes table skirting safer in environments having chafer fuel cans or lit candles.

Disposable Table Covers

Disposable table covers are used and disposed of after use. These table covers are considerably clean, reduce changeover time, and clean up for catered events, banquet halls and hotels. Paper rolls are an excellent choice for varied table sizes, while pre-sized covers are best for planning. If you plan to use table covers for the short-term, disposable covers are an excellent option as they help save on cost. The disposable table covers include the following:

  • Table Roll Covers
  • Sized Disposable Table Covers
  • Disposable table runners

Some disposable table covers are made using plastic, making them water-repellant. On the other hand, others are made from a tissue-poly blend, which allows more excellent spill absorption. Also, some table covers can be cut and shaped to your desired length.