How to get perfect manicure for “Ugly Nail”


Use special scissors with a round toe to cut your nails. This creates an optical illusion of lengthening and softens your nails. Do not cut the tip of your ugly nail too straight, square, or sharp.

Another tip: Make sure to check the shape of your nails before you apply nail polish. One broken nail will mean that you cannot have both short and long nails. You can balance them by shortening each of the 10 nails or putting a false ugly nail on one that is damaged.


Use a file to gently smoothen the edges. This new, softer shape “narrows”, at least visually, the width of your nail.


Apply cuticle oil to your nails. Let the cuticles dry red shorts mens for a minute. Then, using a cotton piece covered with a toothpick, gently orange wigs press down on the cuticles to increase their surface area. If you have square nails, it will be possible to lengthen your by about a millimetre. You should only do this once per week.


For nails that aren’t very pretty or have unattractive shapes, choose bold, bright, or deep colours (red , gray, black or blue ). Pastel and faded polishes do not enhance or highlight the effect of this kind of nail.

Another tip: Choose matte-effect nail polishes instead of shiny ones. They have the added advantage of shrinking the nails visually.

Apply nail polish with an “Italian”-sounding style. This is when you leave a “corridor”, or a mark on one side of your nails (a maximum of 0.5mm). Otherwise, the cheating might be too obvious.

You should apply a thin strip down the middle, one band to the right and one band to the left. This will follow the shape of your ugly nail without adhering too closely.

Ugly Nail Correction

A pen with solvent is a useful tool. Ugly Nail Correction manicure corrector pen (Essie Pro for USD14) available online and at select nail salons.


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