What is Emtone®?

Emtone is the first in the world that makes 2 separate systems (Monopolar Radio Frequency + Shock Wave) that increase the effect in the treatment of cellulite and skin tightening, can be applied simultaneously with a single device for the first time in the world. is a technology.

What is the Difference of Emtone® from Other Systems?
When we look at the systems applied in cellulite and tightening treatments, various methods are used, and they know that both the processing time and the effectiveness of these methods may be below the expectations of the people, and they think that the fight against celluloids is tiring.

As a solution to these expectations, Emtone®Monopolor increases the quality of the skin, the collagen fibers damaged in various parts of the body with the Radio Frequency feature, while on the other hand, it increases the regular functioning of the loose elastin fibers. Simultaneous use of the shock wave that is activated at the same time helps them to shrink the water and oil mixture chambers that cause cellulite under the skin. metabolic beat accelerates in this way.

Emtone® Is An Excellent Choice For Non-Surgical Butt Lift.
While Emtone application provides an effective effect on the removal of cellulite in the body parts, another treatment protocol of the system is butt lift without surgery. Many women dream of having a rounded looking hip. Disproportionate straight and hanging buttocks provide a disproportionate appearance in your body contours.FDA Approved Emtone is the perfect choice to lift butt outside of surgery to eliminate this.

What are the Benefits of Emtone® Application?
• Removes Cellulite and Sagging in Legs, Provides Firmness.
• Removes Cellulite and Sagging in Inner Legs, Provides Firmness
• Removes Cellulite and Sagging in the Navel Area, Provides Tightening.
• Removes Cellulite and Sagging in Hips and Hips.
• Tightens and Tightens Butt Sagging and Provides Butt Lift.

Who Knows Emtone® Application?
This application is suitable for those who have the appearance of cellulite in the form of orange peel, as well as those who want to increase skin quality or prevent loss of elasticity, and anyone who wants to have a firmer skin by increasing skin collagen can benefit from Emtone® application.

Is Emtone® Application Safe?
This system is a safe, non-invasive technology approved by the American Health Organization FDA.

What are the Number of Sessions and Process Time in Emtone® Application?
The number of sessions is determined according to the need, although a protocol of 4 to 6 sessions is generally recommended, the treatment duration includes as little as 20 minutes. It is known to apply 2 or 3 sessions a week.

This period is the first system in the world in terms of comfort and advantage thanks to the simultaneous use of 2 systems of Emtone® technology in Selilut treatments.

What Do We Feel During and After Emtone® Application?
During this treatment, no pain or pain sensation occurs, during the application, a feeling in the form of a hot stone massage is felt.
After the treatment, it does not restrict the social life of the person and can comfortably continue his daily life.

Does Cellulite Occur Again After Emtone® Application?
In order to see the long-term effect of this application, we recommend that you avoid situations that negatively affect your picture perfect photography health such as nutrition, weight control, regular exercise, water consumption, regular sleep.

On the one hand, when the health is out of nutrition, on the other hand, the metabolism affected by this causes the person to quickly appear negative situations in the weight and skin structure.

It pays attention to the health of the person and makes the duration of the effect healthy with intermediate sessions to protect the skin quality after the treatments.
What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a regional metabolic disorder caused by the deterioration of the adipose tissue under the skin due to various reasons. It is a skin problem with an orange peel appearance on the skin, especially on the hips, upper legs, back of the legs, belly area, arms.
Why Does Cellulite Occur in Women?

It occurs due to disorders of the alignment of estrogen and connective tissue, known as cellulose female hormone, because the fat tissues under the skin of women are different. The factors that cause the deterioration of these tissues occur due to reasons such as genetic structure, malnutrition, age, inactivity, water consumption, irregular sleep. Although this situation is thought to be caused by overweight, unfortunately, it is seen in women who are under the ideal weight, which is seen in women who are not overweight or even have an ideal weight.

Are There Women Without Cellulite?
Yes, there are women without cellulite! However, it should be remembered that every woman is a candidate for cellulite.
The reason for this is that the person’s diet, exercise, active life, age-related metabolic