Will Fat Come Back After Liposuction ?

Liposuction is certainly one of the most extensively conducted surgeries in the world, gaining prominence in a very short period of time. This is chosen by most people because there is a fair chance of removing the excess fat from the isolated areas of the body, which helps everyone build a perfect silhouette. And the fittest often resort to the liposuction process so that the excess fat pockets can be eliminated from their body. But before and after the surgery, one of the most critical issues every patient has remains constant to date. And the question is, after the process of liposuction, will fat return?

One of the most significant ideas behind liposuction is that it permanently eliminates the body’s fat. There may be several liposuction variants, but the main purpose is to eliminate fat cells from the body’s targeted area. Both liposuction Istanbul procedures use the combination of a hollow tube called the cannula and a suction system called an aspirator to extract the stubborn fat from our body. However, the fat can return after the liposuction process.

There are equal chances of new fat cells that may grow even in the treated areas of the body in the event of substantial weight gain, which means 10 percent of their body weight. Since the new development of fat cells is more in the untreated region than in the treated area, the body shape can get weird over time. But the essence of the tale is that even after liposuction, the weight of the body best aesthetic clinic Istanbul will still begin to increase. So, they would look better than before even though the patients appear to raise weight after the surgery. There are several maintenance tips that can be followed because there is a possibility that the weight may increase even after the surgery.

  • Follow the procedures that the surgeons advise you to do, first of all.
  • Reduce the intake of the calorie after the surgery. If you take more calorie diet, then there are sure chances that your weight may increase even after the surgery.
  • Take a healthy diet and reduce the carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Exercise regularly. It is very important to keep your body fit and fine.
  • Try to eat smaller meals every day rather than full and heavy meals.
  • Do not ever skip the meals. Skipping meals may lead to an imbalanced body weight.
  • Stay hydrated and drinks lots of drinks daily.