This is a powerful guide to creating your own “witchy fashion”

Guide to Witchy Fashion Shopping

For those who are passionate, mysterious, dark, and romantic, with great curiosity, serenity and love of witchy fashion nature and bts fashion a humble understanding of their weaknesses and strengths, as well as the depths, beauty, and fragilities of life and death, this is a powerful, magical, dark and dramatic style.

If this sounds like you, then read on to find out how to make a wardrobe that is as Witchy and magical as you are. These powerful and graceful looks will inspire you to embrace all aspects of yourself, regardless of what they may say about you fashion fix.

Dark, Dusty, Earthy Colors.

Black might seem like the best color to fill your wardrobe, as Witchy fashion is Gothic. But that’s not true.

The witchy fashion style embraces emotion, nature, and the dialectical nature if humanity. It’s possible to express these things with a wide range of colors.

The combination of black and white will enhance the drama and magic of your outfit and help to reflect the dualities of human nature.

Brown and grey are perfect Witchy neutrals due to their earthy and humble tones.

The circle of life is the most powerful, and green is its best representation. For quiet power and cheer, use it in darker shades such as army or forest greens.

For witchy fashion, purple, the color that represents magic, and red, which is the color passion, are must-haves. These items will help you find strength and improve your ability to exert your inner-power.

Flowy, Asymmetrical, Tattered Silhouettes witchy fashion

Your Witchy style is best if you embrace your carefree nature, and see beauty in every imperfection.

Look for silhouettes that are loosely attached to your body and cling only to your chest and waist (if any). For drama eboy fashion and flair, choose hemlines that are unfinished and/or asymmetric. Layering adds mystery and intrigue! A vest is a great way to add some mystery to your witchy look.

Romantic and mystic, but ravaged and murky witchy fashion

The witchy fashion juxtaposes romantic, mysterious, and gauzy fabrics with practical and destroyed fabrics. It is a powerful embrace of all that is good and bad about life and being human.

Pair graceful fabrics such as lace and chiffon with tougher or more durable fabrics like cotton, deconstructed knittings, and linens.