8 Fashion Tips to Make Sure You Always Look Great

8 Fashion Tips to Make Sure You Always Look Great

Get Fashion Tips that will inspire confidence and style every outfit in your closet.

  • Build your capsule wardrobe. The key to looking polished is to invest in a capsule of mix-and-match basics and learn how to style them.
  • Make sure that your clothes fit properly. A good tailor can make any piece of clothing look great. Tailored clothing is not only more stylish, but also feels better. Don’t wear pants that drag and don’t fit well. And dresses that are too tight won’t make you look stylish. If you have a well-fitting capsule wardrobe, you can play with larger and smaller items to make your capsule look fashionable.
  • Learn how balance proportions. Styling your outfits to create an overall aesthetic harmony. Wearing clothes that fit you is the best way to achieve this. You can make oversized or unusual-shaped clothes fashionable by wearing the rest of the outfit fitted. You can pair a crop top with wide-leg pants or a puff-shoulder blouse with straight-leg pants.
  • Create a moodboard to help you find your own style. Your personal style is an experiment. Once you are in the dressing area, you will never know what stunning looks you have in store for you. Shopping for menswear and womenswear shouldn’t limit your choices. It is important to experiment with colors and shapes in order to find the best fit for your body.
  • Be a better shopper. Avoid buying unnecessary items and filling up your closet with things you don’t wear. Your wardrobe should be filled with items you love and it will make styling outfits easy.
  • Add the belt. This is a great way to make your outfit more professional. This is a great way to bring balance to outfits that may not work otherwise, like a long cashmere sweater with a billowy skirt.
  • You can play with color. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral. As you become more comfortable using colors, you will discover which color combinations work well for you. A color wheel can be used as a guide.
  • Mix patterns with textures. Gone are the days when you could match your handbag and shoes. Clashing textures, prints and patterns make bold fashion statements. Start with simple neutral patterns, such as stripes, and then add in paisleys, such as a scarf, tie or clutch. This will help you discover what works for your style.

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