Experts’ Top 5 Cooking Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are still at home waiting for the coronavirus vaccine, or if you just want to cook at home to save some money, it’s always good to know how to make basic dishes in the kitchen. If you work remotely for the long-term, this is a great opportunity to try new recipes and switch up your favorite recipes. You can even host a virtual dinner party with your friends.

We spoke to chefs to find their top cooking tips to keep you nourished and happy during this pandemic. These chefs shared cokoladna torta their tips on how to cook at home for long periods of time.

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1. Sweet potatoes can be used as a snack.
Oren Zroya, founder of Radical Pan and private chef for celebrities, says that sweet potatoes are always in stock at the store.

Cut them into small pieces and add olive oil, salt and pepper to the wedges. Bake them in the oven for 20 minutes at 425°F. Zroya says that one potato can make a delicious side dish or snack. He cites his experience with the COVID-19 crisis, when he went to the market.

2. Explore your options and be creative with what you have.
You can’t make it to the grocery shop. Use what you have already! You can grab the chickpea can that is in the back of your pantry. Zroya says that it could be used to make a delicious curry or a tasty hummus dip.

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3. Make your own tomato sauce. ).
Zroya says that making tomato sauce is not difficult. Add tomatoes to a can. Next, add garlic, fresh basil or dried basil and some olive oil. Zroya says that the result is just as good, if not better than the jar in the supermarket right now.

Bryan Rhodes, chef at 619 Spirits Distillery & Tasting Room, San Diego, suggests a simple tip: Make a large batch and freeze it. Then, you can use the leftovers each day to make a meal. He suggests making large batches of marinara sauce, then simmering meatballs in the sauce on Monday. Flatbreads can be made with sauce, cheese, and vegetables on Tuesday. You can also toss it in any dried pasta that you have.

4. You can use those canned beans.
If you still have cans of beans from the back of your cupboard, raise your hand. Now is the best time to use them.

Zroya suggests that you make a dip with them or put them on top of rice. Cans are often left out when they can be used to add protein to any dish.

5. Repurposing leftovers can bring joy.
Outstanding Foods’ executive chef Dave Anderson has three teenage sons that avoid leftovers. Anderson found a way for leftovers to be fun and delicious.

“For example, we might have a simple dinner of black beans, brown rice and some sauteed or roasted vegetables (sauteed blackkale and roasted carrots). Anderson says that it is simple, delicious, and nutritious. “The next day, we’ll make burritos and tacos; the black beans are refried and the rice becomes Spanish rice. The vegetables go in their natural state and we’ll make salsa and guacamole.

You can make homemade veggie burgers from leftovers. Anderson says that the fun part of the leftovers is being creative. There are so many possibilities. We’ll make large batches on the first night to ensure that we have enough for several more meals. This can save you a lot of time in the kitchen!