Ideas To Make Your Wedding Invitation Stand Out On The Cheap

Focusing on the details is key to creating a memorable wedding. Make sure they are in line with your theme. Your guests will be impressed by the personal touches you make to your wedding invitations. It’s often the little details that make the best wedding invitation suites. It doesn’t need to cost a lot.

Your own personalized stamp

These are amazing! These personalised stamps can be used to make your wedding invitations or add a return address to the envelopes.

Add a ribbon to it

Ribbon is a beautiful addition to budget wedding invitation. It also helps to keep together all other elements such as RSVP cards, travel information, and RSVP cards. For an extra special touch, add a tag.

Creative Edging with Punches

Use a stamp cutter or punch to create fancy corners on your wedding invitations. You can find them in craft shops and online in many sizes and designs. It’s very easy to use. Take your time, make sure you have a stable hand, and don’t get tired. You’ll end up making mistakes.

Calligraphy is a beautiful way to address your invitations

Although it’s been quite a while since we took handwriting classes in primary school (and you probably won’t be able to do so again), if your goal is to impress with your invitations, make sure that they are addressed perfectly. Not in your daily scrawl! You can improve your calligraphy skills by taking one of the many online calligraphy classes, or following DIY tutorials. You can use your new skills to create beautiful addresses or write invites.

Add a wash of watercolour

It is very simple to create beautiful watercolour invites like the ones you see on Pinterest. For an extravagant arty effect, give them a watercolour wash! You don’t want to overdo it with the watercolour, or your paper will become sloppy. As always practise makes perfect.

Gild the Edges

You can make plain white invitations look more expensive by adding a gold edge to your envelopes or invitations.

Tie with twine and tags

If you love rustic weddings, adding twine and a custom-made kraft paper tag to your invitation will give it that personal touch. It serves the same purpose as the ribbon, keeping all other elements inside the envelope together.

Use an embosser

With a personalized embosser, you can transform your envelopes from “plain ole” to “pretty wow”. This elegant and subtle touch will impress your guests. It looks expensive, but you’ll be the only one who knows!