How choose right shape “medium length nails”?

How to choose the right shape of medium length nails for your hands

If you look hard enough, there are medium length nails shapes. If you take a closer look at your own nails, you will soon realize that you have the best shape. We’ve created a quick quiz to help you find the perfect nail shape for you, if time is tight.

You’re sure to want any number of Instagram-worthy looks, whether you’re looking at your friends’ medium length nails or scrolling through Pinterest boards. Perhaps the answer to your question is closer at home. You can find the best ways to highlight the good parts and minimize the bad ones by paying attention to your hands. What works best for what hand type? We’ll tell. Let’s first familiarize ourselves with the amazing world of shapes available.

A visual guide on medium length nails shapes red pants womens to help you choose the right nail shape for you

  • Medium Length Nails better shape up.
  • There are many nail shapes available, but here are some of our favorites.


Natural nails can grow in any shape you like, including curved, sloping, or uneven-shaped.


An oval shape is medium long and long with straight-filed sides ending in a soft semicircle. This can be done with a few millimetres extra edge over your fingertip, but you don’t necessarily need to have long nails.


A low-maintenance option for long and short nails. It features straight-filed sides with a straight-filed edge. Square nails are known to increase the width of your nails so be careful with their use.


This is our favorite shape, it looks great on everyone. This almond shape is created by keeping the base wide and shaping the sides to a tapered peak at each end.

Square Round

The square round nail, also known as soft square, is a square-shaped nail with softened corners. This shape is great for figaro chain growing nails. You can achieve it by simply straight-filing your sides and the top of your nail, before softening the corners.

Squoval Medium Length Nails

Imagine a rectangle with soft corners. It’s very nice. The squoval is a shape that captures all the beauty of an oval but has a flatter tip. Begin by filing straight across the free edge and then working your way around the corners with a single smooth stroke.

Coffin Medium Length Nails

The coffin shape, also known as the ballerina or the ballerina is a perfect combination of feminine and edgy. You can achieve this look by filing your nail into a tapered point and flattening the tip. To pull off the coffin shape, you will need to have long and strong nails.