What I’m Wearing

* Gray DKNY cashmere upshorts sweater

* Taupe upshorts – even though they look peach due to my car headlights being on me, they’re actually not…from Victoria’s Secret two Summer’s back…seen once in the Summer

American Apparel shiny black stirrup tights American Apparel shiny, black stirrup tights. AA wins for tights men. Sturdy, warm, not too fracking tight around the waist|They are sturdy, warm, and not too tight around the waist.

* Vintage black silk scarf tied with a bow upshorts 

* Nichole Miller crystal drop ball earrings with rhinestones…from GiLT – which added a little bit of fancy to my look

* Rosegold-gray ankle boots – serious love for these – also from GiLT…last seen here

Vintage Gucci Upshorts bag

It seems that every time I go to Lookbook.nu, the top five “hot” girls are skinny, upshort, and dressed in tights and eorzea collection medium length nails ripped-up denim upshorts. Although I like the look, I have often thought that a woman of my age, like myself, was too old to wear tights and denim upshorts . The outfit I planned to wear this morning was not in my pants section. I looked at my upshorts and found them in my “tights drawer”. I then managed to put the lightbulb in my head to pull the look together. You know what? It was something I enjoyed. It felt very age-appropriate -mostly because an older man looked at it and said, “You look so cute!”

This row of mailboxes is a constant reminder that I drive past it every day. I often think about stopping to take a photo, but never make the time. Today, however, I did finally do it. But the sun was too bright from the time change and washed out the cool blue wall with its charming tiled addresses and silver mailboxes. After I had taken 3 photos, I noticed a itachi headband guard dog just a few meters away. I was now in trouble so I packed it up and left. It’s a shame, because I love the place. It is located at the top, just before Mulholland. This is the only spot where the sun sets at 4:20 in afternoon while driving home. The rest of the shots were taken just before sunset and down the canyon to the opposite side of Mulholland. I am adjusting to the change in time.

Last year, I was wearing my upshorts up in the morning as I commuted to work. Even though my head isn’t ready to get off the pillow, it doesn’t seem to care.