How to Make a “Pumpkin Silhouettes”

Find the Flat Side

Rotate the pumpkin silhouettes to find the flattest side. It is easier to paint the silhouette from a flat side than from a bumpy side.

Print Pumpkin Silhouettes

Print a black silhouette of someone’s head using a printer and a computer. You can either use someone’s profile, or search crushed it online for silhouettes. Tip: Measure the flat side of your before printing to determine how big to print the silhouette.

Cut Out Pumpkin Silhouettes

Cut the silhouette with scissors (Image 1) and attach it temporarily to the pumpkin silhouettes using stick pins (Image 2).

  • Trace Pumpkin Silhouettes
  • You can trace the silhouette using a pencil.
  • Paint Pumpkin Silhouettes

Take out the paper silhouette, stick pins on it, and then use a flat-edged brush to fill in the outline of the design with black acrylic paint. (Image 1). To clean up the design, use a small-tipped detailbrush around the edges to clean it up (Image 2).

Attach Trim

You will need to trim enough to fully encircle your silhouette (Image 1) and attach it to the using a hot glue gun. (Image 2).

Collect Dishes

You can make a collection of small, inexpensive bowls and lidded dishes. Tip: Look for bargains at thrift shops and flea markets astoria greengrass to find unique options.

Spray Primer

You can paint all dishes black or white. Upshorts Spray primer is used to coat dishes that don’t have either one of these colors.


Spray primer should be completely dried before you can apply spray paint.

Attach your eyes

Attach one pair of googly eye to each pumpkin by applying craft glue (Image 1). Tip: Make sure to place the pumpkins in their dishes before attaching the eyes. This will allow you to check that they are in the correct position.