Shiratorizawa Academy

The uniform for boys consists of a light blue jacket, light-blue dress shirt, purple tie and purple pants. Brown loafers are also included in shiratorizawa . Girls wear a light blue jacket, light-blue dress shirt, purple bow tie and a purple skirt.

The uniform of the boys’ volleyball club is a white tracksuit with purple accents. During practices, the members wear vulture culture black tshirts and purple shorts. They wear white jerseys with sleeves and a bold vertical stripe down their shorts. The number is in purple on the jersey top.

Volleyball Club

The Boys’ Volleyball Club has been called a “powerhouse”. Tanaka claims that the Japanese volleyball team has been ranked in the top 8 for many years[1]. Wakatoshi Ushijima the captain of the volleyball team oasis dating site noted that Shiratorizawa is reputed to never lose no matter what. Shiratorizawa has been the representative from Miyagi Prefecture at national tournaments for generations and was undefeated, with the exception of a loss to Karasuno. Ushijima, one of Japan’s three top aces, is currently the Japan’s Youth World Championship representative for volleyball.


Shiratorizawa clean reception and precise sets are augmented exponentially by Ushijima, a super-ace who shatters blocks and strategical plays of its opponents (as shown in the fight against Aobajohsai at the Interhigh preliminaries). Ushijima is the team’s primary strategy. This is why Ushijima is symbolized by one eagle. It is not like Karasuno’s multiple crows, which focuses on individual strength.

Shiratorizawa’s most prominent players include Ushijima, captain and ace, who is one of the top 3 national aces, along with Sakusa from Itachiyama and Kiryu from Mujinazaka, and Tendo, middle blocker, also known by the “Guess Monster”, with guess blocks that stop opponents’ spikes regardless of where they are placed.

Aoba Johsai was also defeated by the team in the final match at the Miyagi Prefecture Interhigh Preliminaries. The team advanced to Nationals. For a chance at the Spring Tournament, the team’s third year decided not to retire.

While the current generation is Shiratorizawa most famous, Ushijima was the father of the most successful generation. Utsui’s generation was able to score a 190 cm Ace and probably won first place at Nationals[2].

Interhigh-Preliminaries (2012)

Miyagi Interhigh Preliminaries Shiratorizawa was registered in team 55, Block 1. They were hosted at the Shiratorizawa Civic Gymnasium. They were exempted from the first round of matches. The match lasted three days and consisted of one game on the first, three on day two, and one on day three. They reached the finals after defeating the winner of Block F, the winner of Block E, or Block B (it’s not known which block Shiratorizawa was in). They played Aoba Johsai in the Sendai City Gymnasium finals. They were selected as the representative of Miyagi Prefecture for the Summer Interhigh National Tournament tom celebs go dating because they won.