What is Loungewear…is it pajamas?

Loungewear has become the perfect wardrobe when you decide to stay, work or run common errands at home. They are comfortable and cozy, but with a little sophistication to create some sense of style for the wearer. For example, no matter what time of the day or year, when we need to stay warm and comfy at home we’d always turn to our wardrobe for some loungewear. But what distinguishes loungewear from pajamas?

Definition of a loungewear

It’s the more sophisticated and tailored-looking clothes that we wear for comfort and work at home. Loungewear falls somewhere between athleisure and sleepwear, and they are meant to offer the middle ground between those official dresses we wear when out at work or those casuals we wear when strolling away from home. In other words, loungewear is the escape route when we let off those tight business wear or jeans and that sleepwear we go to bed in, such as pajamas. Loungewear has come in many styles that give people options, mostly coming out as part of the high-end fashion designs.

Some have also asked whether one can wear loungewear in public.

Yes, a decade or so ago, loungewear was not anything close to fashion wear. However, today loungewear has become part of fashion wardrobes, making it one of the most sought-after fashion clothes by celebrities. This means that, unlike sleepwear like pajamas, loungewear can be won in public. Most people accentuate their loungewear with some other accessories, including shoes. That’s why loungewear has become the go-to type of dress when one wants to avoid those tight business clothes or bedtime dresses like pajamas at home.

What does a loungewear wardrobe look like?

Often coming in grey, black, or dark solid colors such as blue, a loungewear wardrobe would contain coordinated pairs of wears such as tanks, leggings, jackets, pants, or capris. You can always mix and match these pairs the way you want to give a desired classy look and be more comfortable.

Is loungewear a pajama?

No, loungewear is not pajama. Sleepwear, including pajamas, tend to be looser fitting, often patterned, or more brightly colored than loungewear. Pajamas also come in fabrics such as fleece or flannel. Loungewear, on the other hand, is a bit neutral in color pattern, mostly in the common palette and modal or cotton blends. It’s much easier to coordinate your set of loungewear to come up with a mix and match to perfect your feel, unlike sleepwear such as pajamas.

In summary, pajamas are mostly exclusively for bedtime, which often comes in bold colors or fun prints. It also fits generously, unlike loungewear such as a set of crop tops and sweatpants.

Final thoughts

Loungewear and pajamas are not the same. The former comes across as the one that offers the much-desired break from tight official clothes while the latter is a bedtime dress. You can pair your loungewear with a bra or bralette. You can also wear it as a matching set, which is the reason why loungewear often comes in sets or collections.