The Most Flattering Color

Are you tired of constantly wondering if a particular color looks right on you? Are you tired of the complicated and sometimes inaccurate Seasonal Color Analysis? Look for a simpler solution.

These shades will look great on you. Shades that are assigned to shades with the same undertone, but one level lighter/dimmer than you, will also work.

Skintone: Porcelain to Alabaster

This skin is neutral and rarely has an undertone. Even if you have an undertone, the icy cool BABYBLUE is a great choice. It looks clean and fresh against this skin. This shade can be used to contrast with warm or yellow undertones. Below is a warm, coppery strawberry blonde. This color is great for cool people with blue eyes and ashy hair.

Pink is the reason Elle wore it in Legally Blonde. You will look great with any shade of pink, from BLUSH to ROSE, if you have fair skin with a neutral or cool undertone. Pink shines a warm light onto your skin. It is like a warm glow that illuminates your skin. Beautiful with ash-blonde hair.

Skintone: Fair to light, neutral to warm

A cool light MAUVE is a great choice for those with light skin. This color will highlight any yellow or peach in your hair and is great for warm hair such as golden blonde, copper and golden brown. It also looks great with warm eyes such as hazel, brown or olive green. Skintone: Medium, Neutral to Cool

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RASPBERRY is a cool option if you are on the lower end of medium. This color is stronger than pale pink and anti-aging. This red-violet color is best for medium skin. You can see how young and blue-eyed Hilary Clinton looked in the same color dress at her daughter’s Wedding. Skintone: Medium, Neutral, Warm

FRENCH BLUE is the most popular skin tone in the U.S. Denim blue is another winner. The contrast between cool blue (a bright medium with a hint of yellow) and warm skin is always a winner. You also have the depth to support medium-toned colours that would swallow lighter skin. This picture has a blue theme.

Skintone: Medium to Light Olive

OLIVE is the best color. It is difficult to wear green, but if you put it on a skintone that has a little bit of it, it will come alive. KHAKI is also great, from the lightest to the warmest brown. These muted tones look amazing on people with olive skin.

Olive skin can rock Turquoise like no one’s business. This color is bright, vibrant, and full-of-energy. It can overwhelm lighter skin tones, however. This color is not only worn by fair-toned cool blondes, but it also looks great on them. It’s refreshing on deep olive skin.

Cool dark skin can be complemented by jewel tones like EMERALD, SAPPHIRE, and PURPLE. Begonia, a violet-based rose, is another winner. It gives darker skin a radiant anti-aging glow. Also, try black and white.

Skintone: Deep to dark, warm undertone

Deeply warm skin should also try ORANGE, in the same vein as coral and peach. ORANGE is regal against dark skin. Oprah Winfrey’s video below will make you believe she shouldn’t wear any other color. Her warm, golden, yellow and orange-red skin tones scream for a match in deep enough color to complement her skintone. The color and the contrast violet background are not accidental.

BLACK and WHITE will look great on ebony skin. A deep midnight blue is a great choice for skin tones that are deep and cool-blue-based like Ms. Wek’s. It is common for us to purchase the same color clothing when we buy new clothes. Try these colors and you will be amazed at how beautiful your skin can look.