BTS Fashion: How the Korean Superband Conquered the World in Style

Take the BTS Fashion Of BTS. This supergroup, made up seven members from Korea, has been at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 charts for two weeks with “Dynamite.” It is an incredible feat considering that not all acts reach the top, and even fewer foreign artists from around the globe.

The group is on a roll, breaking the YouTube 24-hour views record (also for “Dynamite”), and drumming up interest in the upcoming IPO for its company Big Hit (the boys will soon become multi-millionaires).

We’re here to talk clothes. Presentation is an important aspect of BTS’s success. Amazing visuals amplify the appeal of their bats photography music and dance moves. This is evident in their live performances and videos.

You can argue that a retinue stylists creates the slick look astoria greengrass, but it’s also possible to see how J-Hope, Jin, V and Jungkook shine through in what they wear. You also know that the band does not accept designer sponsorships.

BTS’ Suga 7 of Min Yoongi’s Most BTS Fashionable looks

BTS is the most popular group in the world, holding many titles. The band continues to set records as a group and break barriers, cementing K-pop’s popularity around the globe. BTS Fashion icons have been made of the members, who sport looks that have sent many into a frenzy.

Suga, the group’s leader rapper and also known as Min Yoongi, is one of the most fashion-forward members. His BTS Fashion sensibility earned him a place on Tatler’s Asia’s Most Stylish 2020 List. Daegu’s wordsmith, Suga, finds the perfect balance between high quality BTS Fashion and comfort. He embraces his own style but also loves to glam it up when necessary. We’re celebrating our honey robert taylor photography boy’s 9th birthday by listing some of our favorite BTS Fashion looks from Suga the genius rapper and producer of “Midas touch”.

All in black

Suga’s BTS Fashion is all about black, whether it’s for a photoshoot or a performance, or even an interview. Suga is often seen wearing at least one piece black clothing or an accessory of black. His outfits look effortlessly put together.

Airport BTS Fashion

It is also important to note how simple and easy Suga’s airport style looks. These looks were not chosen by stylists. Instead, they were picked out by Suga himself. He can be seen wearing Fear of God several times, but he also prefers Japanese streetwear like Mastermind Japan or Visvim.